Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pour 2

The second pour was also a success-creating an inverse mold of my first pour. I basically just flipped the first assembly and poured into the frame that had the fabric attached to it and then cut the fabric away. Using less petroleum worked fine and it left a surface more related to the fabric texture than the texture created by the jelly as on the last pour. I also used a different material-Quickcrete rather than Cement all, which didn't settle as well, giving the surface a more porous quality. The idea that you can make one casting and then just cast off of previous castings is really efficient and the cloth can be reused several times in the process, significantly reducing the amount of waste materials. Below are some photos of the process: the first of the two frames assembled, the next of the concrete poured inside the frames, and the last of the two pours and fabric formwork.

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