Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly In...Seville

Our stay in Seville started off with a heavy rainstorm, kicking us indoors. We visited the Alcazar de Seville which had amazing gardens that weren't the most pleasant to be in unfortunately due to the rain. We also visited the Seville Cathedral, another converted Mosque with spectacular views of the city. A visit to the office of Santiago Cirugeda was next, an architect who's famous for his small scale urban projects like construction dumpsters that then become see-saws. The site of the old '92 expo along Seville's riverside was fairly deserted but it seems developement of the are is finally beginning to take shape. After walking across the Calatrava bridge, our group went to a local bar to see some authentic flamenco. The next day was a little nicer so we took to the streets, doing quick 3 to 10 minute street sections and plaza layouts. A quick stop at the local pastry store for a chocolate spanish croissant (yum) and then on to the bus station for our next stop. 1 day until the world cup!!

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  1. While I was searching for "rain in spanish city" on Google, your second image of the town popped up. It's beautiful! I just love the rain...I feel like it makes cities much more beautiful and tranquil. May I share your photo on my blog? I would give you credit. Just want to share its beauty with my friends and family.

    God Bless,
    Hannah Adams