Wednesday, June 23, 2010

San Sebastian

Our first day in the beach town of San Sebastian, we visited the Chilleda Museum, which was basically the artist’s house and land covered in his sculptures. His work was largely based on material-steel forms twisting and balancing in curious ways. Some of his stone sculptures were very architectural in that they questioned how to make solids/voids in space.
After lunch we visited Maneo’s Kursaal building-what was supposed to be the hinge, in a way, between the sea and the city. The architect’s idea was to make it look like neither sea nor city, creating a true dividing line. Unfortunately, the building is not being taken care of and is already falling apart only ten years after completion. There we had a drawing assignment based on its integration into the
city as well as a very long tour by a very…eccentric…tour guide.
Our second day in San Sebastian was a day off so a group of us went to see the Chilleda sculptures by the sea and spent the rest of the day laying on the beach, kyacking, and watching soccer. We kyacked all around the small island there, so now, I think, we can all say we’ve kyacked in the Atlantic, since with all the waves it sure felt like it.

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